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March, 2012

Hill Holliday Beacon Partner Hitchery Launches At SXSW

Hill Holliday has selected the first round of companies for partnership in its Project Beacon program, it was announced today by Mike Sheehan, Chief Executive Officer of Hill Holliday. One of the selected companies, Hitchery, will debut at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival March 9-13.

Project Beacon, announced earlier this year by Hill Holliday, is an agency initiative designed to promote collaboration, proactive partnership, and strategic counsel between Hill Holliday and the ad-tech startup community.

"We've been working closely with startups for years, but Project Beacon formalizes our commitment to emerging companies that can have a positive impact on our clients' businesses," said Mike Sheehan, CEO of Hill Holliday. "We're proud to have helped develop the game design and user experience of Hitchery. What better place to debut than the SXSW Interactive Festival?"

Hitchery is a mobile hitchhiking game that lets players create "hitchers" - virtual characters that have adventures around the world by hitching rides on players' phones. The mobile phone becomes a "bus" that can pick up hitchers and bring them on a user's travels, and then drop them off at real-world places when and where a user chooses. Players can create specific goals for their hitchers, such as "make it to SXSW" or "collect pictures of cool parties," share photos, and conduct conversations in real time with other players. Hill Holliday has been working on the user experience and game dynamics with Hitchery in preparation for launch this spring.

"With Hitchery, players will be able to enhance their SXSW experience by sharing it with other players from all over the world," said Glen Daniels, Hitchery's founder. "And sending a hitcher is a great way to virtually attend even if you can't make the show. We're thrilled to be working with Hill Holliday to craft some great experiences for our players at SXSW and beyond."

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