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March, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Relies on Akamai

Akamai Technologies, Inc., the leading cloud platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere, announced today that Dolce&Gabbana, the world's leading Italian brand in the fashion and luxury industry, has chosen Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator, part of the Company's Aqua Web Solutions, to accelerate all versions of its web site ( ) as well as "Swide" ( ), its digital editorial hub available in English.

"Millions of visitors from anywhere in the world access Dolce&Gabbana's web site every month. Analyzing the statistics related to the number of people accessing the web site, we noted that in some areas we were registering high abandonment rates. This was happening especially in the US, Japan and China," explained the Group Director Digital Marketing & Communication at Dolce&Gabbana. The web site, extremely rich in multimedia content, was in fact so slow loading pages that it was nearly unusable for Dolce&Gabbana's customers.

"We therefore decided to ask for Akamai's support," continued the Group Director Digital Marketing & Communication at Dolce&Gabbana. "Akamai analyzed the different versions of our web site and helped us determine that the main issue was poor performance in many countries where our portal is available. Unfortunately these countries represent our key markets. We then implemented Akamai's Dynamic Site Accelerator solution to help accelerate the delivery of rich, interactive content and applications on our sites, thus ensuring seamless delivery of our web site."

Since implementing the solution, Dolce&Gabbana's web site performance has improved nearly six times globally on average, while page loads were five-and-a-half times faster in North America, six times faster in Asia, seven times faster in Australia, and more than five times faster in Europe. Before implementing Dynamic Site Accelerator, the site load time was over 8.5 seconds on average, but on Akamai, the response time has decreased to less than 1.5 seconds. By decreasing page load time, Dolce&Gabbana also lowered site abandonment, which in turn helped it increase e-commerce conversion rates.

Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator has also allowed Dolce&Gabbana to reduce the load on its data center by offloading over 87 percent of hits and traffic to Akamai edge servers, enabling it to confidently run high traffic marketing campaigns without special provisioning. In addition, Dolce&Gabbana uses Akamai's Content Targeting solution to customize content based on data about the visiting user's geographic location, connection speed, device type and other attributes. As a result, Dolce&Gabbana can deliver targeted content in real time at the network edge for each visitor.

Dolce&Gabbana has also leveraged Akamai's services to support the streaming of live events, such as the fashion catwalks. The fashion and luxury manufacturer was one of the first companies in Italy to offer live streaming of catwalks - both on the web and on mobile devices. In this way, the advanced technologies provided by Akamai have become a valuable platform for Dolce&Gabbana. Leveraging Akamai's Media Delivery solution, Dolce&Gabbana has broadcast catwalks both live and on demand, streaming with an unprecedented quality and across multiple platforms, including iPhone, iPad, iTouch and Android mobile devices. Now, almost any version of the Dolce&Gabbana web site can be accessed from anywhere in the world and is supported by the Akamai Intelligent Platform.

"We are fully satisfied with Akamai and the complete suite of solutions have become essential for us," concluded the Group Director Digital Marketing & Communication at Dolce&Gabbana. "The Dolce&Gabbana brand is famous all over the world and our customers expect the highest quality and luxury even when accessing our web site. Thanks to Akamai, we are now able to offer outstanding web performance, and to protect the famous reputation of our brand, even online."

"Once upon a time, the importance of 'brand' in the fashion industry stopped at the style and quality of the clothes designed and presented on the catwalks," stated Henri d'Oriola, VP Southern Europe, Akamai Technologies. "Those days are long gone and, for a fashion giant such as Dolce&Gabbana, its brand value extends through everything that it does and especially to the Internet experience provided to its millions of customers worldwide. We are delighted to be working with Dolce&Gabbana to enable it to offer its customers a cutting-edge online experience to match the power of its brand regardless of wherever its customers are in the world."

Source: MarketWatch
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