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April, 2012

Communispace To Help High School Students Learn About Entrepreneurship

There's a lot of focus in Boston's startup community on keeping students here after they graduate from our universities, and appropriately so. But what about the city's high school students? Sure, entrepreneurship is a well worn concept in Amercan life, but unless you're lucky enough to have a relative or family friend who's started a business, it's easy to get all the way through school without really bumping into startups.

Boston-based online market research firm Communispace is taking a step to ensure that more Boston students become familiar with startups by bringing entrepreneurship lessons directly to a high school classroom. The company announced today that it is partnering with the New England chapter of The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) to help students at Boston's Quincy Upper School learn about entrepreneurship and business plans. As the company's press release describes the partnership:

Communispace, the leader in providing online consumer insights communities for the world's most esteemed brands, is the first business to take advantage of the Adopt-A-Class program.  Headquartered in Boston with a worldwide presence, Communispace has adopted the NFTE classroom at Boston's Quincy Upper School. In addition to underwriting the program, Communispace employees visit the school's NFTE class to speak about relevant business topics and work one-on-one with students on the development and presentation of their original business plans, the final project for the course.

The farther you move down the educational chain, the less immediate the benefit of helping students becomes for the startup community. So while smaller companies might be convinced to chip in to help at the university level where there's at least a somewhat direct connection to the talent pool a few years down the road, it's nice to see a larger company like Communispace stepping in to give back at an even earlier stage.

Source: BostInno
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