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April, 2012

GSN Digital Teams Up With 50 Cent to Bring Blackjack to Facebook

Hip-hop star and entertainment mogul 50 Cent, together with GSN Digital, the interactive division of GSN (Game Show Network), today launched 50 Cent's Blackjack on Facebook. The rapper's first foray into the gaming space, 50 Cent's Blackjack, combines 50 Cent's entrepreneurial spirit with GSN Digital's proven success in gaming to create a social gaming experience that appeals to 50's broad fan base and blackjack lovers alike.

The game welcomes players into 50 Cent's lavish casino at, where they compete against the dealer for chips and against their friends and other 50 Cent fans for bragging rights on the leaderboard. Players can build their wardrobes and customize their avatars by acquiring the hottest virtual fashions and swag.

50 Cent's Blackjack also introduces exciting twists to the game by providing several boosts, which can be purchased with tokens. The "I'm Killin' It" boost tells players whether they'd bust on their next card, and "Ace Rich" lets players immediately gain an ace in their hand. The "Freestyle" boost allows players to split their hand, even if they don't have matching cards. Another cool feature is "Table Heat," a cooperative element that rewards all players at the table after they've won enough Blackjack hands by turning all twos in the deck into aces for a limited period of time.

In addition to launching on Facebook, GSN Digital will soon introduce a mobile version of 50 Cent's Blackjack for Android and Apple devices. The mobile game will be available later this quarter.

With 19 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, including three number-one hits, more than six million followers on Twitter, and nearly 22 million Facebook fans, 50 Cent has gained an international following as a respected rapper and businessman. 50 Cent's widespread achievements include the success of his children's book on bullying, Playground, as well as a partnership with the United Nations on Street King, an initiative aimed at feeding one billion African children through sales of Street King energy shots. 50 Cent's powerful combination of entertainment experience and business savvy will bring the friendly and fun competition of social games to a new audience through 50 Cent's Blackjack.

GSN Digital's partnership with 50 Cent marks a continued dedication to creative social gaming, giving players the chance to experience the true thrill of winning while connecting with one of their favorite entertainers. A top game publisher on Facebook, GSN Digital has a proven track record of creating popular social games on Facebook, which collectively reach nearly 2 million users per day and over 7 million players per month via the Games app and standalone apps.

"50 Cent is an entertainment force of nature, and we're excited to partner with him on his first venture into the world of social gaming," said Peter Blacklow, executive vice president, GSN Digital. "50 has garnered an incredible following of millions of fans on Facebook, and we're excited to bring this audience, as well as the millions of game fans out there, a fast-paced social blackjack experience."

"I am excited to partner with GSN Digital on this venture to create an unparalleled social gaming experience for my fans. 50 Cent's Blackjack is filled with fun twists and innovative features that is sure to provide hours of entertainment," states 50 Cent.

Source: MarketWire
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