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April, 2012

Introducing the PUMA Social Cards App

It feels like only yesterday we stocked your mobile phones full of app suggestions tailor-made for dominating the night. From navigating gritty cityscapes to communicating with our teammates, these handy gadgets all deliver the goods. But we still felt that we were one app short of completing the ultimate After Hours Athlete tool belt.

That's why we created the PUMA Social Cards App! After all, haven't you always felt like you deserved your own trading card? A way to immortalize your late-night game with a sweet action shot of you at peak performance?

We thought so, and the PUMA Social Cards App is the perfect platform for celebrating the spontaneous, far-out and crazy things we do at night.

The Comic Relief? The Early Exiter? The Unexpected Pro? The Captain? Let the world know who you and your teammates are and what you're doing. Here's how it works.

  1. Download the app (click here to get it.don't worry, we'll wait for you).
  2. Keep on keeping on with your ping-ponging, bar-hopping, crowd-surfing, food-trucking adventures, but remember - your phone is now a mobile photo booth thanks to the Social Cards App, so fire it up and take a pic of the action whenever inspiration strikes.
  3. Scroll through our roster of teammate titles and pick the title and trading card frame that best represents your photo (Hint: the more cards you make, the more frames you can unlock). Feeling creative? You can even create your own teammate title. Once you've found a perfect fit, the card automatically records your vital stats of where you are and what time it is.
  4. Bask in the glory of your own personal Social Card and share with your fellow teammates around the world by posting it to Facebook as well as right here on PUMA Social.

So go ahead, let your teammate status be known, document your own adventures, quirks and special skills and own the night! Download the app here and take the first step toward becoming a truly world-class After Hours Athlete, and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more pro tips on how to use the Social Cards app to earn all-star status on PUMA Social, Facebook and Twitter.

Source: PUMA
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