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May, 2012

Zmags Helps Honda Promote the Acura RDX

Honda Motor Co. has just launched an online brochure from Zmags to promote its Acura RDX model, said Zmags, a Boston firm that specializes in interactive product brochures and catalogs that can include video.

According to Zmags, its brochures can be accessed by consumers in multiple ways, including from their tablet computers and smartphones.

“Using Zmags, Honda aims to provide prospective Acura customers with a completely new kind of immersive experience as they research their next car, creating greater brand and content engagement,” Zmags said.

In the case of the Acura RDX, Zmags claims that its brochure can recreate “the look and feel of the showroom experience.’’

Zmags said it is working in partnership with Genex, Honda’s interactive marketing agency.

Honda also has plans to use Zmags brochures for other models in its line-up, Zmags added.

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