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June, 2012

Inc. Offers HubSpot Internship as Top Prize in 'Dream Job' Contest

If you’re passionate about marketing and looking to not just boost your resume but attach it to a corporate ladder rocket ship, this is for you.

Yesterday, business magazine Inc. launchedits “Dream Job” contest on Facebook, offering students the opportunity to earn a paid social media marketing internship at Cambridge-based HubSpot, the “2nd fastest-growing software company on the 2011 Inc. 500|5000 ranking,” along with a Maverick Business Adventures trip to the Baja Peninsula.

To earn the position, contestants must submit a 200 words or less post to Facebook on why they’re ideal for the role. From there, finalists will be whittled down by “how many votes their candidacy receives on Facebook.” If you’re interested, get working because the June 21st entry deadline is rapidly approaching.

I connected with HubSpot’s Rebecca Corliss who, among many other things, runs the company’s intern program. She filled me in on the program, the type of candidate they’re looking for, and what the job will entail.

This is a pretty unique program. How did it come about?

We think Inc’s program is a great campaign to get students excited about marketing, internships and their futures. We were happy to contribute.

Your marketing internship program has a 1.2% acceptance rate, what is the winning candidate going to have to do earn the coveted role?

We look for people who fit the DARC persona: Digital natives who are Analytical, have a great Reach, and can create excellent Content. For example, a candidate who writes and manages their own blog, is excited by data, and has 5,000 or so Twitter followers would really stand out. Being a good marketer starts with marketing yourself!

We also love folks who have passion for something. Maybe a candidate loves singing, swimming, traveling, cooking or running. People who can geek out about something that’s important to them do really well at HubSpot, because that passion can easily translate to their job!

When I was an intern, I had to make coffee, stock the fridge, and stuff envelopes. What is this intern going to be doing for HubSpot?

Marketing interns are members of our marketing team, just like any other marketing employee. They are expected to work hard to drive results based on their team’s goal, whether it be reach, visits, leads or customers. The social media intern will join our social media team and work to scale leads for that channel through the most creative means he/she can imagine!

A lot of conversation revolves around what an intern can offer their employer. Let’s turn the tables. What will HubSpot offer this intern?

Experience and the opportunity to build something big. We want interns to leave a legacy by creating something new, pitching and executing an idea we’ve never tried before, or making a piece of content that lives on for years.

HubSpot’s founder and CTO Darmesh Shah also refers to himself as the company’s Head Janitor. How can applicants be sure he isn’t just looking to pawn off his mopping responsibilities? 

Ask our current marketing interns! They don’t have time to do something like mop the floor. They’re too busy generating leads.

But seriously, your office looks awesome. You offer a “use good judgement” vacation policy, video games, beer, free food, the works. Can you describe your company culture?

Fun, smart, focused and hard working. We work a lot - it’s not a 9 to 5 environment. But we chose to work as hard as we do because we’re on a mission to help businesses around the world improve and grow their marketing. Everyone at HubSpot is helpful, friendly, and smart as hell. This is a great place to learn from some of the best.

Good luck to all applicants! For more information on HubSpot, check out our recent coverageof the company.

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