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July, 2012

Agency Oasis Tapped by Brightcove and Sitecore to build their connector

Agency Oasis selected by Brightcove and Sitecore to build the systems integrating connector.

Agency Oasis was selected in Q3, 2011 to develop an interface between Brightcove and Sitecore, the goal in mind: Create a simple way to interface between the Brightcove Video Cloud Studio and the Sitecore Content Management System (CMS). On May 17th 2012, Sitecore announced the fruition of its work with Agency Oasis and Brightcove: the Brightcove Video Cloud Connect. The Brightcove Video Cloud Connect increases the efficiency of content publishers who want to leverage the high-quality, connected experience video gives. For marketers looking to deliver excellence, the barrier has been lowered between identifying what is the best content to display and creating a rich experience. “This is an exciting partnership that makes it easy for marketers to execute impactful video campaigns more efficiently, as well as take advantage of the market-leading online video platform with Sitecore’s Web content management system in a fully integrated way,” said Chris Johnston (, director of technology partnerships at Brightcove. Architected and developed by two Oasis Sitecore MVP’s Mark Ursino (Senior Web Application Developer) and Mark Graber Vice President of Technology. The Brightcove Video Cloud Connect pipes analytics directly in from the Brightcove API, Sitecore becomes a one-stop-shop for building reports and crafting your creative strategy to engage stakeholders in a tailor-made campaigns. Vice President Jason Fields acknowledged, “Having partnered for years with both Sitecore and Brightcove we are deeply excited to have two heavy weight technology partners ask us to build this tool while also giving back to the community and progressing industry standards around platform integrations. No more will Marketers be required to interface between two systems to create deep communication with their end-users.”


Prominent features of the Brightcove Video Cloud Connect include:

Ease of Use - Seamlessly syncs Brightcove videos, playlist and tags into Sitecore for immediate use within website content

Utilize Existing Workflows - Publishing Brightcove video content can be done through existing Sitecore workflow processes

Player Management - Ability to create and define singular video or playlist video players right from the Sitecore interface

Upload Video Content - Gives users the ability to upload new videos to Brightcove through a custom interface within the Sitecore content tree

Integrated Search - Search video titles and meta information through custom Sitecore search interface

Scalability - Module allows for customization and extension of functionality to meet each company’s unique needs

Preview Content - Content editors can preview Brightcove video content within Sitecore before publishing

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