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July, 2012

Matt Somma from Captains of Industry on Roll-Your-Own Web Service IFTTT

By Matt Somma, Captains of Industry

Recently, I put the Internet to work with a relatively new service called IFTTT (as the site says pronounced like “Lift” without the “L”). The site, which launched in September 2011, lets you create online recipes to help manage your life with a simple statement: If This Then That.

IFTTT logo

You log on to and join their site and then create an internet recipe. Possible combinations could be:

-Tweet “It’s a beautiful day” every time the weather is above 85 degrees
-Put the name and profile of new Twitter followers into a text document and upload it to Dropbox
-Text me when I receive an email marked “High Importance”
-Take tweets I favorite and post them to Facebook
-And many more!

The options are endless, with IFTTT offering you more than 49 channels/networks to make combinations from like bitly, Flickr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Weather data, and more. They have basic recipes and really intricate ones as well. ReadWriteWeb, for instance, describes a few ways you can even use IFTTT to back up your life.

Wouldn’t it be great if Businesses could use this tool for automating some of its services as well? That’s where a similar service called Zapier comes in. It brings together services like CRM’s, lead generation apps, email marketing managers, and much more.

Here are a few ways that marketers and advertisers can utilize these great services to increase their engagement online:

1. A very simple way would be to create a task that thanks people when they Retweet you. A simple thank you goes a long way!
2. Searching for information on social networks can get difficult sometimes with the massive amounts of content out there. If you are trying to research a new market why not set up a task to pull out tweets with the words #music, #guitar, #rock and aggregate them into a text file. Then have it add the users to a new Twitter list so you can interact with them later.
3. Running a new marketing campaign? Have the automated tasks pull links, pictures, and information from your Facebook/Twitter feed and push it to an Evernote account so you can create an in-depth summary report at the end. Also let it email you when someone shares your companies contest link so you can thank them!
4. Running an event? Have these recipes take participants Instagram, Flickr, or Twitter pictures of the event and Post them to Facebook so everyone can see!
5. Really want to get out of a meeting? Schedule an event on Google Calendar called “Save Me” to call you 15 minutes into a meeting and excuse yourself politely!

The possibilities are endless. If you are already on IFTTT what are you using it for?

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