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August, 2012

Allen & Gerritsen's Schneidermike appeared on NECN to talk Apps That Will Transform Your iPhone

(NECN) -  Mike Schneider, senior vice president of ad agency Allen & Gerritsen, joined NECN to show off apps that can transform your iPhone.

External apps such as the Square, Nike Fuel Band, and iRig transform your phone to create the ultimate sidekick,

Square and Paypal both have card readers. These allow you to turn any device into a credit card reader. Paypal came out second, but it's very compelling to the audience. It already has 250 million merchants and so it can integrate tightly with existing eBay merchant accounts. In other words, online commerce and offline can integrate very easily.

The Nike Fuel band, fit bit and similar devices give people an opportunity to track their fitness over time. They can share it with friends and even gain encouragement from a social perspective. They sync to applications on mobile devices like Nike+ and Nike+ GPS that give you a full profile of your exercise over time.

iRig is a device that lets you plug your guitar into the iPad or iPhone to record. It integrates nicely with apps like Garageband to allow people to record tracks in a lightweight way.
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