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Welcome to the Innovation District! We're happy to be neighbors with a&g!

The day has finally arrived. After more than 18 months of planning and preparation, Allen & Gerritsen enters its new home in the heart of Boston's Innovation District. For all of us, this move means more than just unpacking boxes and adjusting our commutes. this change of scenery represents the continued evolution of the Allen & Gerritsen brand.

Our people are a unique cross-section of the workforce--a fearless, multi-generational group working together every day to create and deliver breakthrough solutions for our clients. And our new office speaks to that diversity. The floor plan is clean, open, and technologically ahead of its time¬ (equipped to grow at the same rate we do). Yet the space also offers a comfortable, home-away-from-home feeling. It's heavy on open collaborative areas and showcasing the awesome work we do. It reflects our belief that people no longer want to be rooted to their desks, and that good ideas don't have to happen in stuffy conference rooms or cubicles. For those familiar with Allen & Gerritsen, there's plenty of room for our "Ampersands," too.

Most importantly, our new home takes advantage of the epic views of the Seaport's diverse landscape. There are tons of large windows in the space ensuring the views - airplanes landing at Logan, the Boston skyline, and of course, the harbor - are always there to inspire us. Being just a few steps from the World Trade Center is also a subtle reminder that ultimately, the Innovation District is a place of commerce and business. Through these unique sights and sounds, the Innovation District will stretch our collective imagination, making the work we do for our clients fresher, sharper, and stronger. It's exactly where we want to be.

It's worth noting that we tried to be thoughtful about our decisions as we navigated the moving process. It started with how we packed. Rather than filling all of our stuff (and man, was there a lot of stuff.) into cardboard boxes, we used "pink crates" emblazoned with a breast cancer awareness logo. Those crates also had an environmental impact. Every 20 boxes we filled represent one tree that wasn't chopped down to make cardboard. We also thought about who could most benefit from the things not making the trip with us. We donated desks, chairs, and office furniture to the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester and Caritas Inc., and auctioned off the coolest stuff to the highest bidders. The money we accumulated from those sales will be donated to charity as well.

In addition to our new physical environment, we've also upgraded the look and feel of our digital space. The company's website has been completely refreshed, focusing on simplicity, ease of navigation, and advancing technology like adaptive design, voice-to-text, and high-definition retina displays. We've made a commitment to our blog too, posting regularly content that showcases our thoughts and ideas about advertising, marketing, digital, and whatever else is on our minds. (So check back here weekly!)

The Innovation District is recognized worldwide as a place of ideas and incubation, of boundless culture and energy, of growth and opportunity. We're excited to be planting a&g's flag in an area devoted to these concepts, and can't wait to immerse ourselves in all our new home has to offer. As an organization, we have always despised the status quo and kept our eyes focused on what's next. For us, what's next is the Innovation District.

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