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September, 2012

The Big News! Zoora Has Re-Launched...

Dear Friends,

I want to personally share the news with you that, after spending the past few months growing and nurturing Zoora, I have decided that it’s time to take things to the next level. Responding to what the team and I have learned from our customers, we are making some substantial improvements to our business model and re-launching as Bow & Drape:

Inspired by the “draperies” - or dressmaking shops - of yesteryear, Bow & Drape is a clothing brand that allows women to build their own clothing. For the discerning woman who wants to avoid the retail clutter, Bow & Drape offers a collection of dresses and separates that customers can personalize using our hand-selected assortment of silhouettes, colors, and trims. Our goal is to offer a completely innovative experience where our customers becomes a part of the dressmaking process.

In order to bring this experience to life, we realized that we can no longer rely on the constraints of other designers’ manufacturing capabilities. Rather, we needed to create our own clothing line. To this end, we worked over the past few months to expand into production.  

For Fall-Winter 2012, we are aiming to offer over 6 core silhouettes along with a variety of fabrics and trims that can be interchanged into more than 3,000 unique outfits. We are working with creative funding website Kickstarter to make this happen. For more information or to make a financial contribution, check out our Kickstarter page here:

Please consider passing this link on in your own social networks.  Every mention will get us one step closer to reaching our goal and bringing this new collection to life!


Aubrie Pagano

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