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November, 2012

Former Patriot Spreading Laughter to Help Families Fighting Cancer

Marketing and advertising agency Digitas has partnered with the Joe Andruzzi Foundation (JAF), named after former New England Patriot/cancer survivor Joe Andruzzi, and oncology biopharmaceutical company, Millennium, in an effort to raise money to help cancer patients and their families through a campaign that kicked off today known as The Daily Dose of Laughter.

The way it works, Millennium will donate $5 to JAF every time someone shares a kid’s funny quote on Twitter, including #JAFdailydose or to the JAF Facebook page.

“The Daily Dose of Laughter is the Foundation’s way of spreading contagious smiles, because we believe that laughter is truly the best medicine,” said Joe Andruzzi, president of JAF, in a press release. “We’re so excited to partner on this campaign with Millennium, our corporate sponsor and Digitas, an agency that has been instrumental to building and advocating on behalf of our brand-without their talent, the Foundation’s voice wouldn’t be where it is today.”

Andruzzi, himself, has been active on Twitter promoting the hash tag.

“When Joe was ill, he drew inspiration from CJ [Buckley, a friend of the family who has passed] and all the brave kids he’d visited during his football career,” wrote his wife, Jen Andruzzi, in a JAF blog post. “He particularly loved how they managed to keep a sense of humor, even under the most painful of circumstances. The tenacity and innate joy in the children we’ve met over the years continues to permeate everything we do at JAF.”

Through this campaign, laughter itself, while always a sure way to raise spirits, now actually can have a measurable impact in helping people who need it most.

So smile some. It helps more than you might think.

Source: BostInno
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