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November, 2012

Allen & Gerritsen's #Lightspotting Brings Holiday Spirit Back into Focus

Americans are holiday shopping in record numbers this year, which means your discount-scanning eyeballs have likely long since glazed over and your Amazon checkout trigger finger is clicked close to the bone, twitching in anticipation of that next must-have deal.

I can appreciate a good bargain, sure, but all too often the spirit of holiday giving is forced to share the spotlight with the spirit of holiday receiving. If your online shopping cart is likely to contain mostly items you won’t be wrapping for anyone but yourself in the coming weeks, what’s that say about holiday spirit, really?

In an effort to spread a more noncommercial form of cheer, Boston ad agency Allen & Gerritsen has initiated their #Lightspotting campaign.

“As an agency, we’re always looking for what’s next, and with the holiday season upon us, we wanted to refresh the idea of a digital holiday card,” said Andrew Mastrangelo, director of corporate communications at A&G. “Think of all the formulaic holiday greetings you receive in your inbox each year - we thought this was an innovative way to reimagine the standard-fare holiday e-card.”

The premise is as simple as the presentation is beautiful. Simply snap a pic of any holiday lights or decorations that inspire you, fire it through whatever Instagram filter you deem most fitting, and apply the #Lightspotting hashtag. Submissions will be automatically catalogued on the website for everyone to see and enjoy.

So far, the campaign has garnered dozens of pictures from across the globe.

“We’ve already received submissions from as far west as California and as far east as Germany,” said Mastrangelo, “and we expect to get them from all over the world by the time we’re done.”

It’s nice to see a project selling nothing more than some good old-fashioned togetherness.

It reminds me of a one Mr. Grinch: “How could it be so? It came without ribbons! . it came without tags! . it came without packages, boxes, or bags!”

If the Who’s can do it, so can you.

Source: BostInno
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