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December, 2012

Playrific, Adelphic Mobile and Promoboxx nail down new funding

Three Boston-area companies are announcing new infusions of capital this morning.

Playrific built a web site and mobile app that collect digital content that's appropriate for children, and customize it to what an individual kid actually likes. (There's also a version designed for schools, focusing on content that matches a teacher's educational goals.) The Billerica-based company is announcing a new $1.7 million round today, from a collection of angel investing groups including Golden Seeds, Launchpad Venture Group, and Walnut Angels. The Boston company, founded by tech industry veteran Beth Marcus, right, has now raised $2.8 million in total funding.

. Google Ventures and Matrix Partners are putting $10 million into Waltham-basedAdelphic Mobile, which delivers targeted ads to mobile devices. Adelphic says that its technology can deliver ads not just based on the phone and network you're using, but as many as 30 other parameters, including time, place, age, and gender. Co-founders Jennifer Lum and Changfeng Wang previously worked at the ad startup Quattro Wireless, which was acquired by Apple to help that company build its mobile ad product, iAds. Rich Miner, a partner at Google Ventures and the co-founder of Android, is joining Adelphic's board. (That's a nice mix of Apple & Android experience there.) The company raised $2 millionfrom Matrix earlier this year.

Promoboxx, a company that graduated from the TechStars Boston accelerator program last year, is announcing a seed round of $1.3 million today. The Boston startup helps big brands like Reebok, Trek, and Volkswagen manage promotional campaigns across their hundreds of retailers. The money comes from investors like Launch Capital, Boston Seed Capital, Common Angels, Stage 1 Ventures and more than 30 angels. I wrote about Promoboxx back in January, when it helped support Chevy's Super Bowl advertising campaign. "Our business model doesn't jump off the Keynote for most investors," admits CEO Ben Carcio in a blog post about the funding. "Without understanding the difficulties that manufacturing brands face in helping their retailers with local online marketing, our market opportunity doesn't seem obvious. So, our initial investors were a brave group that understood enough of the pain, while believing in our team's ability to make it work."

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