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April, 2013

Racepoint Group Launches FieldFacts to Advance Public Relations and Public Affairs Influencer Identification and Engagement

FieldFacts Automates Powerful Social, Print, Broadcast and Issues Management

BOSTON - April 15, 2013 - Racepoint Group, a global public relations firm at the intersection of influence and action, today announced the release of FieldFacts, a new campaign management approach that draws on a powerful combination of technology and human intelligence to target influencers and key opinion leaders. FieldFacts is both a super-powered database of influencers and stakeholders, and a methodology to reach and influence them. FieldFacts identifies and measures the reach and impact of influencers in print, broadcast and social channels, providing Racepoint Group clients with a balanced scorecard for those influencers most essential to their campaigns. Racepoint Group teams apply this intelligence to manage brand and issue interactions and to generate influence for its clients. FieldFacts is industry-agnostic and can be used for public relations, government relations and public affairs programs.

"Our goal with FieldFacts was to develop a simple-to-use platform that enables our clients to micro-target who they form relationships and reach messages with," said Peter Prodromou, chief global accounts officer, Racepoint Group. "There are numerous technology-only tools available to fulfill part of this important task, but by blending in human intelligence, we have given our clients a more comprehensive and precise view of specific relevant conversations and connections in social, print and broadcast. Armed with this information, they can run more cost-effective campaigns with better results."

Creating a tailored experience, FieldFacts identifies the key opinion leaders that most influence each client's brand perception or issue orientation. This includes national influencers with the broadest footprint across all forms of media and subject matter experts in local or segmented markets that carry the conversation where it matters. FieldFacts draws from a close review of coverage and activity to assess where clients stand with each of the influencers. It assesses the strength and depth of each connection via a reporting capability that can be customized according to client requirements.

"With the key opinion leaders identified, FieldFacts also becomes a strategic outreach guide. Looking at a specific reporter, we can determine that she maintains a conversation among and about the sources that influence her interests, points of view and coverage - her 'ecosystem of influence,'" continued Prodromou. "FieldFacts provides both complex and specific profiling, which helps Racepoint Group identify and fully understand how she and others operate within their individual ecosystems."

In addition to strategic guidance, FieldFacts provides executive-ready reports on key campaign performance indicators. The typical monthly reports and metrics agencies build can present a very thorough analysis of positive media coverage - they show whether your media team is staying on task and generating a strong traditional media presence. Racepoint found that while the depth and detail can be impressive, it is often more than the majority of executives would prefer to receive and often times, not enough information to then build into a functioning strategy. FieldFacts fills that knowledge gap, providing the market a tool that clearly tracks whether or not media teams are advancing the ball and connecting with the influencers and consumers that matter most in constructive, brand-building ways.

You can find more information on FieldFacts here:

About Racepoint Group

Racepoint Group is a global communications firm at the intersection of influence and action. Our seasoned professionals have harnessed the power of print, broadcast, social media and stakeholder management to build communities, drive brand and make our clients leaders. Our counsel is built on research-driven insights to help create and execute nimble campaigns that advance your brand and engage your audiences. Our exploratory nature, work ethic and core competencies in digital marketing, strategic planning, and influencer engagement are reflected in our results. We embrace your mission as our own through a collaborative work style and culture.

Contact: Corinne Avganim / Racepoint Group / / 415.694.6761

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