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June, 2013

Imprivata Named as Acquia Partner Site of the Year for B2B Site at DrupalCon Portland

Recently at DrupalCon Portland, Imprivata, Genuine's client was awarded again for its redesigned website. Imprivata was named an Acquia Partner Site of the Year under the General Commercial/B2B category. Not only has the marketing industry recognized the improvements, but also the Drupal community in the tech industry. Imprivata is a worldwide leader in enhancing healthcare delivery by removing technology barriers and providing fast, secure access to patient information.

B2B marketing used to be second tier in terms of advertising and creative priorities within a campaign. However, businesses are recognizing that engagement is key to driving sales for all types of audiences. A great example is Imprivata's new site that we've transformed from the usual static, B2B website into a visually compelling and engaging experience. Since the launch of the new site, it has seen an increase of over 75% in conversion to leads and 43% of visitors scrolled through all home page content.

Imprivata_fullsite copy

Unlike most B2B sites where design and user experience is overlooked, provides visitors a simple, straightforward site experience that reflects the brand's main selling point, the No Click Access for doctors. The full screen parallax or single scroll page, offers information to visitors quickly and easily. Additionally, the site is on Drupal 7, their CMS of choice because of the simplicity for administrators to update.

The end result for Imprivata's award-winning site is a single-scroll effect that is broken into four main sections that feature:

- Customer spotlight

- Rotating recent news/awards

- Infographic describing the business


- And an interactive map showing where customers are worldwide


Imprivata's redesigned site shows the brand as the experts in healthcare, with a great technical know-how, without compromising its personality. Have questions about Drupal 7 or parallax? Send us an email or call 617-451-9700. We'd love to talk more about how Drupal 7 and parallax can help engage visitors and in the long run, drive leads.

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