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August, 2014

Almighty Launches "NODE" Data Visualization Offering for Events

Boston-based digital and experiential agency Almighty designed and developed the NODE data visualization system to show the ways in which conference attendees are interrelated across several dimensions of personal, professional and registration data. Recently debuted at the TED-style TEDxCambridge event in Cambridge, Mass., NODE uses an interactive constellation to visualize how and why guests, speakers and sponsors are connected -- showcasing the scale and magnitude of the minds in a room while also helping an individual discover their top recommended connections.

Almighty Launches "NODE" Data Visualization Offering for Events

Agency releases interactive system for visualizing connections and sparking conversation at industry conferences

BOSTON, Aug. 4, 2014 -- Almighty, a Boston-based agency helping organizations build experiences that start with human needs and deliver business value, today announced the release of its new event solutions offering, NODE. Through an interactive "constellation" NODE visualizes the ways in which event attendees are interrelated across several dimensions of data-to spark conversation, foster sharing of ideas, and build community.

Debuted at TEDxCambridge in June 2014, NODE explores the correlation between event guests, speakers and sponsors, and displays a network visualization assembled from a sampling of personal and professional data. From topics people are mutually interested in, to educational or occupational credentials, to proximity, to social media connections, NODE showcases the magnitude of the collective minds in a room, while also spotlighting individuals and helping them discover who they should connect with and why.

"The challenge we gave Almighty was to design a digital application that would positively augment and extend the TEDxCambridge guest experience," said Dmitri Gunn, Executive Director of TEDxCambridge. "NODE surpassed our expectations and helped foster meaningful conversation during the event and real-world connections afterwards. It also served as a visually stimulating and complementary design element of the event production. We look forward to continuing our collaborative partnership with Almighty and using this exciting new product for future events."

The NODE constellation takes two forms: "Ambient" - a large-scale mode that continuously shifts and revolves to visualize the ecosystem of connections across an entire event, and "Connect" - a more intimate interactive mode where someone can locate their individual "node" within the constellation and explore their interrelation to other attendees. Based on matching logic built into the system, attendees that interact with the constellation receive a list of their top connections through their own personal NODE page.

"When we founded Almighty ten years ago, our very first piece of work was about delivering a great digital experience for a real-world event, and I think that the design of those kinds of interactions - in which a physical, human experience is augmented by data or displays - are embedded in our DNA," said Ian Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Almighty. "What takes these experiences beyond digital window dressing and makes them relevant is designing them to be a natural extension of the event itself. That was, from our perspective, the appeal of bringing NODE to life at the TEDxCambridge event."

Almighty has deep expertise in digital and experiential services, designing interactions and experiences that are both relevant and seamless for our clients' customers. This manifests itself in client relationships that range from small projects to ongoing retained engagements; from the redesign of a web application to helping a company think differently and organize around the evolving needs of their users. The common thread between these relationships is a shared desire to deliver work that is borne from insight, designed with purpose, and delivers brand and business impact.

For more information, and to view photos and video of NODE, please visit:

About Almighty

Almighty helps motivated organizations build experiences and systems that start with human needs and deliver business value. In a marketplace operating at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, Almighty bridges the gap by helping our clients view the world through the eyes of their customers. This user-centric, experience-based approach allows us to work in close partnership with our clients to create relevance-and unleash business potential. For more information, visit

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