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August, 2014

SXSW Topics You Can't Miss

SXSW Topics You Can't Miss

Can the Oculus Rift, a native iOS app, and the GoPano set the standard for live broadcast events in the future? Is it possible to adapt UX strategies and designs for technologies that don't exist today? And, how can you develop a localization strategy for your global brand? Genuine hopes to answer these questions at the 2015 SXSW Interactive Festival, but need your help! Register and vote for these three sessions, which will shake up the way people think about virtual reality, designing for the future web, and content localization strategies for global brands.

Genuine's thought leaders are constantly researching and testing ways to improve engagement between brands and products for its customers. These topics are geared towards the creative thinkers and developers who strive to enhance experiences that leaves a lasting impression.

Rob Brecher, senior digital technologist, built an iOS app for the GoPano that allows for real-time streaming of 360° videos to an Oculus Rift headset through a browser using Unity 3D. His session, Oculus Rift IRL, will look into the different methods and viewing experiences virtual reality can provide including how it's going to reshape the future of live broadcast events.To see this session at SXSW, vote for "Oculus Rift IRL:"

Eniola Oluwole, director of strategy and user experience, has spent the past six years working with global brands to create localization strategies that improve consumer engagement and purchase power. His session will explore why localization matters for global brands and how brands can implement these strategies today. To see this session at SXSW, vote for "Defining a Global Brand's Localization Strategy:"

Ryan Struhl, UI manager, will take participants through the ways history has adapted to new technologies and how we can learn from great designs to create for our future self. To see this session at SXSW, vote for "Ghost in the shell: UX for the Future Web:"

Voting is open to anyone and ends Friday, Sept. 5, 2014. To see the full list of session topics, visit

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