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September, 2014

Meetup and Allen & Gerritsen Meetup for PR

World's largest network of local groups selects Allen & Gerritsen as PR AOR

In today's digital world, only one social platform enables people to gather in real life and interact face-to-face around shared interests. And that platform - Meetup - has selected Allen & Gerritsen (A&G) as its public relations AOR after a competitive review.

Meetup is the world's largest network of local groups, with more than 18.4 million members in 175 countries worldwide. The company's mission is to deploy its best-in-class online and mobile platforms to bring people of shared passions together, offline and in person. Meetup seeks to revitalize local communities and to help people around the globe self-organize around thousands of topics, ranging from technology to parenting to hiking to accordion playing - and everything in between. Meetup's charge to A&G is simple but bold: To introduce more people to the Meetup phenomenon through creative storytelling.

"We were impressed with A&G from our first interaction, and that continued throughout the entire RFP process," said Kristin Hodgson, Communications Director at Meetup. "As part of a larger marketing agency, they bring value to the table that other PR agencies cannot, such as the A&G Brand Newsroom and A&G Labs. Their creativity ripples through their ideas. They think big picture yet execute well. And they truly understand the power and importance of Meetup. We're eager to partner with A&G to help make Meetup an even larger presence in people's lives."

"Meetup is a world-class brand that any agency would be proud to boast on its roster," said A&G Principal Tim Reeves. "We are humbled by Meetup's confidence. We are inspired by their mission. And we are eager to work tirelessly with Kristin and her team to help make Meetup an even more successful business."

In addition to helping raise the 12-year-old company's profile in the media, A&G will seek out strategic opportunities to inject Meetup into topical stories through its Brand Newsroom. The agency will also tap into its internal innovation unit, A&G Labs, to help bring the Meetup brand to life through tech-powered inventive consumer engagement initiatives.

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