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September, 2014

Celebrating Invention & Agency Culture: Allen & Gerritsen Wins Adweek Project Isaac Award

Adweek has recognized Allen & Gerritsen with a Project Isaac Gold Award in Human Resources for A&G's Pic Tap Toe campaign.

Every day we encourage our teams to think of ideas that challenge the ordinary, and push technology in ways that haven't been seen before. And while we believe in applying the incredible power of think/make inventiveness to our clients and their brands, it's equally important to apply the same mentality to our agency culture.

That's why we're thrilled that Adweek Project Isaac chose to honor us with a Gold Award in Human Resources Innovation for our Pic Tap Toe Campaign. The awards celebrate genuine invention in our industry rather than innovation, which is a term many agencies tout but on which they don't always deliver.

When we launched this Labs initiative, it was a way for our employees to connect through a massive interoffice game of Tic-Tac-Toe using each office's wall of nine digital displays. And to get to know our new co-workers better as individuals, we used our personal Instagram photos as our basis for gameplay. It allowed us to communicate in an inventive way, and ultimately prepped us for our future as a new agency together. Which is what our collaborative culture is really all about. Win or lose, we created a new way to play the game, utilize RFID technology, and get to know each other a whole lot better along the way.

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