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January, 2015

GraVoc to Attend BankWorld

GraVoc will be attending BankWorld at Mohegan Sun on January 23, 2015. Nate Gravel and Mike Kannan will be displaying a new hacking device.

BankWorld, Mohegan Sun, 2015. GraVoc Associates Inc.'s information security director and senior security consultant, namely Nate Gravel and Mike Kannan will present and RFID hacking device that aims to prove RFID security systems are not as safe as is commonly believed. Physical security is often an overlooked aspect of a security assessment and has been seen as more of a nuisance to test than truly worthwhile. With growth in fraudulent social engineering attempts on financial institutions both large and small, physical security is once again being recognized as a major potential vulnerability. This presentation will prove the simplicity of sniffing card numbers, cloning them, mounting them on a separate card or device, and walking into a secure area without flaw. After observing how truly easy it is to access sensitive information through this process, it is important to maintain diligence, and perform physical access security breach testing throughout 2015 and into the future.

The event itself, BankWorld, is a large trade show organized by The Warren Group in Connecticut with the intention of information sharing regarding emerging trends in banking through all annals of the financial services industry, from banking executives to service vendors. GraVoc Associates has reserved a gold sponsorship at the event and has elected to present the RFID hacking device. GraVoc's employees maintain a range of industry certifications, including CISA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC, C|EH. This will be our third year as a gold sponsor at the Connecticut conference.

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