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April, 2015

Evergage Integrates with Google Analytics for Comprehensive Reporting

New capabilities enable Evergage users to access, incorporate and consolidate detailed reporting on personalized user experiences in Google Analytics

Evergage Integrates with Google Analytics for Comprehensive Reporting

New capabilities enable Evergage users to access, incorporate and consolidate detailed reporting on personalized user experiences in Google Analytics

Somerville, Mass. - April 22, 2015 - Evergage, the leading provider of real-time personalization, today announced that it has created a seamless integration between its software platform and Google Analytics. The new capability makes it possible for marketers using Google Analytics as their primary analytics tool for tracking Web visitors to also track the behavior of those receiving personalized experiences, providing a more comprehensive understanding of visitor behavior. Ultimately, this enables marketers to have more complete information and make better decisions about their digital strategies.

Without this integration, when personalizing individual customer experiences, the information would be lost or distorted when using Google Analytics for reporting. But now, companies leveraging Evergage for real-time personalization and Google Analytics for site reporting can easily ensure all customer and campaign experience details are passed to the analytics tool so nothing is overlooked, including impressions, click-throughs and dismissals on personalized messages delivered to particular segments and individuals.

"Real-time personalization is the future of digital marketing - but it's key that marketers are able to measure and analyze the impact of their campaigns and the engagement levels for different segments," said Karl Wirth, co-founder and CEO of Evergage. "Talking with our customers, we realized there was demand for a way to inform Google Analytics about a visitors' interactions with personalized content. Our goal with this integration has been not only to drive improved reporting between Evergage and Google Analytics, but also to make it easier for marketers to understand the results of their 1-to-1 communication initiatives."

Through this integration, Evergage provides marketers with additional analytics capabilities, and flexible options for sending actions, fields, segments, and campaign message views and clicks to Google Analytics. It works in three important ways to tightly sync and improve marketers' Web traffic analyses:

1. Inform Google Analytics about visitors' interactions with Evergage campaigns - When reviewing personalization initiatives, it's critical for marketers to know the precise details around which experience a visitor was shown. As such, Evergage sends Google Analytics detailed information on this - where a visitor is shown an experience, what the visitor was shown, and what content they engaged with - without requiring further configuration. These events are tagged as a set category, and stored as part of an overarching campaign.

2. Share Evergage actions and fields with Google Analytics - Evergage has the ability to expertly track visitors' actions and field entries similar to Google Analytics. Evergage leverages this tracking to enable the delivery of personalized experiences in real time. Traditionally, marketers have tracked these actions separately using JavaScript to send the action to Google Analytics. With this integration, marketers can now use Evergage's user-friendly Visual Editor to track any action or field and send the data to Google without having to use custom codes.

3. Transfer pre-defined segments to Google Analytics - The Evergage Platform enables sophisticated, deep and real-time segmentation on behavior and each company's rich CRM data so companies can target website visitors with the most relevant content. But, Google Analytics doesn't support the setting of segments by third-party systems. As part of the new integration, Evergage helps marketers overcome this barrier, and has the ability to pass segments to Google Analytics by cataloguing them as custom dimensions.

"Most companies use Google Analytics because it's a powerful, established and free Web analytics tool. But when personalizing website experiences, each visitor sees something different, so it becomes essential to ensure that all the relevant data is relayed to the analytics engine," continued Wirth. "By integrating with Google Analytics, we have created a way to share that detailed information, without requiring additional configuration or support from IT. We look forward to helping our customers with their personalization and analytics operations through Google, as well as other analytics platforms."

About Evergage

Evergage's cloud-based platform delivers real-time web personalization to more than 200 million web visitors, improving demand generation, revenue growth and customer success for over 120 organizations, including Gardener's Supply Company, Millward Brown Digital, Publishers Clearing House, Rue La La and Wayfair. Evergage empowers marketers to increase engagement and conversions of website visitors and users through personalized content and experiences based on deep behavioral analytics.

Evergage is a 2014 Marketing ARC Award winner, a 2014 MITX What's Next Award winner, a Red Herring Top 200 North American company, and a two-time BostInno "50 on Fire" finalist. For more information, visit or contact the company at or 1-888-310-0589.

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