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February, 2016

PARTNERS+simons Bolsters Executive Team Following Record-Breaking Year

After a record-breaking year of expansion in 2015, PARTNERS+simons, a Myelin Communications-owned firm specializing in brand communications and integrated marketing services, is positioning itself for continued growth into 2016 and beyond.

After a record-breaking year of expansion in 2015,PARTNERS+simons, a Myelin Communications-owned firm specializing in brand communications and integrated marketing services, is positioning itself for continued growth into 2016 and beyond. The firm, exclusively serving healthcare and financial services companies, today announced a new executive team structure and the launch of a strategic business unit, to serve the firm’s growing life sciences portfolio.

“On the heels of a strong 2015 we are solidifying our executive team, which will equip the company to better anticipate and address the needs of today’s CMO,” said Rich Levy, CEO of PARTNERS+simons and Myelin Communications. “By unifying creative and technology under one leader, investing in strategic thought leadership and forming a new life sciences business unit, we are positioning the agency to deliver results-driven work that forward-thinking clients demand.”

Effective immediately, Andrew Pelosi will become General Manager, overseeing account management, media, delivery and business development. Bob Minihan will add technology to his responsibilities as Chief Creative Officer, better reflecting the convergence in thinking across these two disciplines. PARTNERS+simons also identified the need to create a new role to drive high-level thought leadership. As such, Stephanie Rogers will become EVP of Strategy and Analytics to provide proactive, strategic thinking and content creation across client verticals.

The recently formed life sciences strategic unit will be lead by Pat McGloin.

“Our life sciences business has doubled year-over-year for the past three years,” said Levy, “and clients have responded favorably to our holistic understanding of healthcare, particularly as it relates to the Affordable Care Act.”

A new Executive Leadership Team consisting of Pelosi, Minihan, Rogers and McGloin will interact regularly with CEO Rich Levy to continue the company’s strong growth trajectory. The new structure will also allow Levy more bandwidth to lead the integration of multiple Myelin Communications-owned businesses and continue to identify acquisition targets to strengthen and broaden Myelin’s services – benefiting new and existing clients.

About PARTNERS+simons

Founded in 1989, PARTNERS+simons is a brand communications and integrated marketing services firm with deep domain expertise in healthcare and financial services that creates communications to help people make the most important decisions in their lives.  Fluent in digital and traditional communications – from online, mobile, and social media to direct mail, print, outdoor and broadcast advertising – the firm creates integrated marketing programs that connect with consumers and business-to-business buyers in meaningful, measureable ways. More information is available at

About Myelin Communications

Just as myelin insulates and strengthens connections between the brain’s neurons, making them more powerful message conductors, Myelin Communications is a unique network of companies specializing in health and financial services. For a growing portfolio of payer, provider, medical, financial and wealth management organizations, Myelin creates connections that can make message platforms even more powerful. Our capabilities include brand development and activation, market research, channel planning and media solutions, integrated creative and marketing content, digital technology solutions, sales enablement, data analytics, mobile engagement, measurement strategies and more. More information is available at

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