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Get to know a MITX member! We're featuring Evergage.

1. In a nutshell, what is your company all about?

Evergage is real-time web personalization. We help marketers and customer success managers get insights into what people are doing on their website or web app, giving them the ability to respond to their visitors' behaviors at the right time, at the right place, with personalized content and messages.

2. How was your company founded and what inspired its creation?

While working together at Red Hat, our now founders CEO Karl Wirth and CTO Greg Hinkle, realized that, while both customers and businesses wanted to engage with one another online, businesses did not have the tools to provide the experience that their customers needed. Businesses were serving up static, irrelevant, online experiences to their prospects and customers. Convinced that a business website could and should be its very best salesperson and customer service representative, Karl started Evergage to provide marketers with a solution that made it easy for them to understand and respond to their customers in real-time, right in the context of the web experience.

3. What makes your company different than other companies in your marketspace?

We wanted to make and keep our solution simple. Marketers and customer success managers can implement this tool today, without coding or the hassle of IT. Then they are given the power to create a variety of dynamic, in-line messages, target their visitors and/or users and view effectiveness with our analytics.

4. What has been your company's greatest accomplishment in 2013?

We've experienced strong growth in our client base in 2013, adding 25 new companies. Notable new clients include Millward Brown Digital, Brainshark, CMSWire, Daptiv, Crimson Hexagon, Acquia, Bullhorn, Publisher's Clearing House and Endurance International Group (EIG). We're proud to have some awesome, local clients on our roster!

5. What's on tap for next year, 2014??

While we were growing fast in 2013, we plan to keep the momentum going! We will continue to hire smart people to join our team, grow our customer base larger, and enhance our product- we're excited to see what 2014 brings us!

6. What is the biggest challenge you face in the marketplace today?

Real-time web personalization is a modern marketing medium that is making waves. So our biggest challenge is that we are paving the way for real-time web personalization - we must educate and teach marketers and customer success managers who are used to traditional marketing channels and programs how real-time web personalization works (thanks to Big Data), and how it can increase customer engagement, driving conversions and customer success.

7. Why are you a MITX member?

Being a part of Boston's digital marketing innovation is important to us. Whether you're in Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville, there are local companies doing great, smart things - and its being recognized across the globe. MITX brings them all together, so they can share and learn from each other and do better! We wanted to be a part of that network of local, smart, innovative professionals.

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