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Past Events

Past Events

Welcome to the MITX events archive. Click on the event below to view a list of past speakers and event descriptions.

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Event Date Type
MITX Innovation Awards Entries - DEADLINE! 03/30/2012 MITX Event
Telling Boston’s Innovation Economy Story - A MITX Up Marketing Hackathon 04/10/2012 MITX Event
Webinar: Building Long Lasting Commerce Relationships Across Multiple Channels 05/02/2012 MITX Event
Innovators Exchange: Wellness Innovators Getting Engagement Right 05/22/2012 MITX Event
Behind the UpFronts: A BIMA Educational Event 06/06/2012 MITX Event
MITX Innovation Awards 06/12/2012 MITX Event
MITX Up 06/27/2012 MITX Event
MITX Up 07/25/2012 MITX Event
Webinar: Maximizing Your Social Media Strategy Using Search Marketing Tactics 07/26/2012 MITX Event
FutureM Twitter Chat 07/31/2012 MITX Event
MITX Up 08/07/2012 MITX Event
Innovators Exchange - The Right Metrics to Optimize 08/09/2012 MITX Event
MITX Up 08/22/2012 MITX Event
The 12 Tips to Holiday Email Marketing Success - FREE Webinar 08/28/2012 MITX Event
100 Beers Party – Q312 08/29/2012 MITX Event
LunchSpotting 1.1 - Gazelle 09/06/2012 MITX Event
FutureM Twitter Chat: the Remix 09/14/2012 MITX Event
Interactive Awards - Extended Entry Deadline: 9/14/12 09/14/2012 MITX Event
MITX Up 09/19/2012 MITX Event
The Successful You: Women’s Leadership Forum 10/04/2012 MITX Event
FutureM Twitter Chat v3 10/12/2012 MITX Event
FutureM 10/23/2012 MITX Event
100 Beers – MITX All Stars 11/08/2012 MITX Event
Interactive Awards Ceremony 11/20/2012 MITX Event
LunchSpotting 1.2 (Registration is Now Closed) 01/15/2013 MITX Event
Free Webinar! Consumer Behavior Will Change Marketing Forever 01/15/2013 MITX Event
e-Commerce Twitter Chat 01/18/2013 MITX Event
Not Your Father’s Customer Journey: "What’s Next” e-Commerce Summit - SOLD OUT 02/01/2013 MITX Event
MITX Up 02/27/2013 MITX Event
LunchSpotting 1.3 - Space with a Soul 03/28/2013 MITX Event
MITX Up 04/09/2013 MITX Event
Innovator’s Exchange: Music Edition (Registration Closed) 04/10/2013 MITX Event
The Great Mobile Migration: Demystifying Mobile Marketing (Registration is Now Closed) 05/02/2013 MITX Event
MITX Up 05/07/2013 MITX Event
MITX 100 Beers Networking Party (Registration is now closed) 05/14/2013 MITX Event
10th Annual MITX Innovation Awards - REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED 06/03/2013 MITX Event
MITX Up 06/11/2013 MITX Event
Web Experience Management (WEM)binar 07/09/2013 MITX Event
MITX Up 07/24/2013 MITX Event
The Science of Marketing: Using Data & Analytics for Winning 08/01/2013 MITX Event
MITX Up 08/14/2013 MITX Event
FutureM Twitter Chat 08/23/2013 MITX Event
The “Tech Tax:” A Complimentary Webinar to Learn What You Need to Know 08/28/2013 MITX Event
Innovators Exchange: Food Edition 09/24/2013 MITX Event
MITX Up 09/25/2013 MITX Event
FutureM Twitter Chat 09/26/2013 MITX Event
MITX 100 Beers Networking Party 10/01/2013 MITX Event
FutureM: Members, Don't Forget Your $100 Discount! 10/16/2013 MITX Event
LunchSpotting 1.5 - T3 Advisors 10/24/2013 MITX Event
Mobiquity Webinar: 5 Things Every Marketer Should Know about Mobile User Experience 11/06/2013 MITX Event
Land The Job: Marketing Edition 11/06/2013 MITX Event
MITX Up 11/13/2013 MITX Event
LunchSpotting 1.6 - Zipcar 11/19/2013 MITX Event
e-Commerce Summit - SOLD OUT 01/30/2014 MITX Event
MITX Up 02/25/2014 MITX Event
MITX Up 03/18/2014 MITX Event
Hack The Campus Bubble: A MITX Hackathon for Aspiring Marketers 03/22/2014 MITX Event
Programming for Non Programmers - General Assembly Workshop 03/26/2014 MITX Event
Mobile Summit 04/24/2014 MITX Event
MITX Up 05/06/2014 MITX Event
MITX What's Next Awards 05/29/2014 MITX Event
Boston TechJam 06/12/2014 MITX Event
Marketing Me: Personal Branding & Job Searching in the Digital Era 06/19/2014 MITX Event
MITX Up 06/26/2014 MITX Event
MITX Up 07/24/2014 MITX Event
LunchSpotting 2.2 - LogMeIn 08/14/2014 MITX Event
FutureM 09/16/2014 MITX Event
MITX Up 09/23/2014 MITX Event
LunchSpotting 2.3 - Ve Interactive 10/30/2014 MITX Event
Data & Analytics Summit 11/13/2014 MITX Event
MITX Up 11/18/2014 MITX Event
Webinar: 10 Must Have Digital Marketing Tactics for Growing Your Business in 2015 12/18/2014 MITX Event
BIMA Inside the Mind: Conversations with Inspiring Leaders 02/26/2015 MITX Event
2015 MITX eCommerce Summit: “The Future of Shopping” 03/03/2015 MITX Event
MITX Up 03/10/2015 MITX Event
LunchSpotting 3.1 - Wayfair 03/19/2015 MITX Event
Quincy Quick Pitch Competition 03/26/2015 Supported Event
Get Fit with MITX - The Club By George Foreman III 03/26/2015 MITX Event
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