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Get Fit with MITX - The Club By George Foreman III 03/26/2015
Event Type: MITX Event
Dates: 03/26/2015
Times: 07:15pm - 09:00pm

The Club By George Foreman III
15 Channel Center
Boston, MA


Join us for the very first event in our Get Fit with MITX series (a new perk of MITX membership!) at The Club by George Foreman III!

MITX will be heading over to The Club for a private class exclusively for MITX members. Following class stick around to network and catch up with fellow members as well as enjoy some light refreshments. 

Limited space is available so reserve your spot ASAP!


About The Club

The Club was created to meet the demands of the most discerning client looking for a high Intensity workout that combines the luxury amenities of a big box gym. The Club is a tricked out boutique gym that teaches the art of boxing fitness. BOXFIIT created by George Foreman III is a patented workout that covers all of the essential elements of a true Fighters workout. The Club truly is the Boxing Fitness Authority. GET FIIT


About BoxFiit 360

The lifeblood of FIIT™ (Fight Intensity Interval Training). BOXFIIT 360™ is an introduction to our fitness journey that will push you mentally and physically. A true full-body workout for all ages and levels. BOXFIIT™ stations give back what you put in and allow you the opportunity to build upon your progress daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

12-Station(s), 2 Minute Rounds, High Intensity, 36 Minute Circuit with a warm-up and core cool-down. The workouts change weekly, always providing our members with a new goal.

The variety, energy, and music will make you love this class! It has the perfect combination of cardio, strength, and boxing training: Suspension, Rowing, Biking, Kettle Bells, Boxing (Shadow, Heavy, Speed, Double End, Mitts), Fight + Jump Rope, and Turf Exercises.


Ticket Price: $10

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