MITX - Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange

MITX membership is available for students and consultants and for both small and large companies -- professionals  focused on providing digital technology products and services, those in the digital media service & publishing realm, digital agencies, consultants, and a myriad of corporate marketers that embrace the convergence reality. 

Our members represent a wide range of industries and perspectives, yet they share a common belief that in today's increasingly digital world high performing organizations must understand how to fully leverage the complex and ever-changing intersection of digital technologies, marketing and media. 

Members of the MITX community take advantage of events, sponsorships, speaking opportunities, and networking to make meaningful business connections and exchange innovative ideas. Our annual programming and membership offering includes:

To determine which level of membership is best suited for you and your organization's interests, simply click on each option listed to the left of this screen.  If you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in exploring how you can put MITX to work for you -- please e-mail Lauren Cohen, Marketing and Membership Coordinator, or call her at 617-871-2155 x704.