How to change your marketing mindset to embrace the customer experience

  • Lauren Cohen
  • MITX & Boston Chamber
  • Dec 17, 2020

The pandemic spurred an unprecedented shift in consumer behaviors and needs, forcing us to reconfigure lifestyles, adapt to uncertainty, and deal with the emotional toll that results from such abrupt changes. 

During our recent Fall FutureX Summit, marketing experts gathered virtually to discuss how they’ve established new ways of communicating with their customers and stakeholders in order to remain relevant and successful in these turbulent times.  

So, what’s the secret? Read on for five ways your company can change its marketing mindset and adjust its customer experience strategy to find success within the new normal. 

1. Widen your view of the consumer. 

As a marketer, you must look at your consumers more holistically, said Anjali Lai, Senior Analyst at Forrester. Think about the various touchpoints available to you to reach your consumers, and where you can deliver moments of spontaneity and delight to create value.  

2. Help consumers make up for lost moments.  

Although so many missed out on weddings, graduations, vacations, and other important life events this year, there is an opportunity for brands to get creative with how they help consumers recreate some of these moments and bring people together virtually, said Liz Fermon, VP Comms Planning Director at Mediahub

3. Focus on what remains to be true.  

It’s very easy to sit and point out unknowns, but people’s habits and consumer needs are still there, said Fractional Marketing Strategist, Armin Molavi

Anjali added that one thing that remains mostly unchanged is consumers eagerness to learn something new, take in adventure, and be entertained. There’s still a desire for novelty and innovation, and consumers are becoming more willing to experiment with new products and services over time.  

4. Rapidly reinvent your definitions of the consumer. 

We can’t know for sure which consumer changes are going to last, but what we do know is that “constant, rapid-fire insight generation and analysis is becoming even more important,” Anjali emphasized. 

5. Keep learning and investing in research  

“Now is not the time to scale back your investments in consumer research – now is when we need to make sure we know as much about the consumer and what’s changing,” said Armin. Talk to target audiences to try to really understand what they’re thinking – that will be crucial in the upcoming year. 

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Lauren Cohen is currently Senior Marketing Manager for MITX and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, where she works to ensure member organizations in tech, innovation, digital marketing, and beyond are actively engaged within the community and receive unique opportunities to connect, stay ahead of trends, and exchange ideas.
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