Wondering how your MITX membership (or sponsorship) will be affected by our merger with the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce (GBCC)? Answers to many of the questions you might have are below.

How does this merger benefit the MITX community?

At MITX, we have led Massachusetts in convening innovation and technology professionals across our region for 24 years. By joining forces with the Chamber, we will be able to amplify the MITX programming, content, and community while also providing our members with more access to professional development, advocacy for our important sector, and a broader network of businesses that are focused on improving Greater Boston’s competitiveness.

How will this affect my membership?

All MITX members are now GBCC members, with a host of amazing benefits including access to member pricing to Chamber events.

When do the new member benefits affiliated with the GBCC start?

As of February 27, 2020, all MITX members will receive GBCC member benefits in addition to their usual MITX member benefits.

How will this affect upcoming MITX programs?

MITX will continue to host the same types of programming that you know and love, but now we’ll have more resources to focus on growing MITX’s brand and community.

How can I become more involved?

To stay up to date with Chamber news, events, and more – make sure to opt-in here.
If you’re interested in hosting an event, speaking at an event, or volunteer opportunities? Reach out to us at [email protected]

How will registering for events change?

If you’re a current MITX member, you will receive an email with a code that will get you the member rate when registering for Chamber events
For MITX events, the registration process will remain unchanged for the near future.

If I’m a sponsor of MITX, how will this affect my sponsorship?

If you are a current MITX sponsor, you will still receive all the deliverables that have been outlined in your contract with us. If any of the events under your sponsorship need to be adjusted, you will be given notice ahead of time.